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The Art of Slow Parenting: Embracing the Joy of Simple Moments

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From ‘positive parenting‘ to ‘wake windows,’ it’s an understatement to say that a ton has changed since our parents raised us.

Over the past few years, slow parenting has gained currency amongst millennial parents in the modern-day parenting world. I’ve come across the concept of slow parenting, which has completely transformed how I approach raising children.

It’s allowed me to embrace a more mindful and intentional way of parenting, and I absolutely cannot wait to share my knowledge with you modern mamas.

What is Slow Parenting?

Simply put, slow parenting is about bringing balance into the home. Slow parenting emphasizes a more relaxed and mindful approach, prioritizing quality time and connection and allowing children to develop at their own pace.

There is an emphasis on being present with our children and their day-to-day lives. It’s about slowing everything down around us and allowing our kids to thrive. And by slowing everything down, I don’t mean that you should do everything as slow as a sloth would, but to do things at the right speed.

What is Slow Parenting?
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What if I Rush Parenting?

The art of slowing down and truly savouring the simple moments with our children has become a lost art. Slowing down suggests that we create a nurturing and supportive environment for our children to thrive and grow at their own pace, without outside pressures from their parents and society.

In this day and age of social media, it’s pretty standard to feel like our parents are placed in a pressure cooker.

It’s as though it’s a race to see whose baby crawls first or whose toddler can recite the alphabet.  Not only does this affect the parents, but the children feel the pressure on them.

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Constantly pushing our children to (over) achieve can lead to a form of parenting called hyperparenting. Those who hyper-parent tend to micro-manage their children’s lives to the point that they are too involved.

Hyperparenting turns childhood into a race to perfection, and parenting becomes a cross between a competitive sport and product development. Childhood should be a journey, not a race.

Slow parenting means deliberately prioritizing spending quality time with our children rather than trying to cram as many activities as possible into one week. Too many activities can be exhausting for our children.

I’ve even encountered yoga classes catered to overstimulated children with too much on the go and need to de-stress! So give your children (and yourself!) a break and cut down on those activities. Swap the Mandarin classes for movie night Fridays! Your children will thank you.

“Childhood should be a journey, not a race.”

– Carl Honeré

How to Incorporate Slow Parenting into Daily Life

In a society constantly expecting us to do more, slow parenting offers a refreshing approach that prioritizes quality over quantity. Slow parenting emphasizes the importance of being fully present with our children in both a physical and an emotional sense.

It’s about being mindful of our children’s needs and desires rather than pushing our agendas on them.

Could you set aside time to turn off the screens and unplug from technology? Make a habit – no screens at dinner, or even set aside an hour each day where the screens are put away.

You don’t have to make it unbearable by forcing them to have conversation…play some board games, or start an herb garden you all can contribute to!

child gardening
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When I unplug technology from my three-year-old, I sit down with him and enjoy whatever activity he wants. These moments are so precious, and I can’t let technology take them away from me as time passes. Children – well, the young ones at least – want to spend as much time with us as possible.

Slow parenting is about prioritizing simplicity and connection over busyness and productivity. It’s about finding joy in the little moments, like reading a book, taking a nature walk, or simply playing together.

By prioritizing connection over achievement, slow parenting helps to strengthen the bond between parent and child and fosters a sense of emotional security that lasts a lifetime.

Of course, slow parenting can be challenging. It can be difficult to resist the pressure to be “doing constantly” and instead focus on just “being” with our children.

Letting go of our expectations and allowing our children to lead the way can be challenging. But the rewards are so worth it. When we slow down and tune in to our children’s needs, we create a stronger bond with them and set them up for success in the long run.

male parent
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In a world transformed from our parent’s generation, the rise of slow parenting is capturing the attention of millennial parents, offering a mindful shift in the realm of parenthood.

So, to all the mamas out there who feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn, I encourage you to try slow parenting.

Having personally embraced this approach, slow parenting is a means to foster a balanced, intentional, and meaningful parenting style. Slow parenting emphasizes quality time, mindful connection, and allowing children’s natural development to unfold.

It challenges the pressure-cooker culture perpetuated by social media and encourages a nurturing environment for children to thrive at their own pace.

By prioritizing presence, simplicity, and bonding, slow parenting is a stark contrast to the fast-paced demands of modern society.

Though not without challenges, this philosophy offers a rewarding journey for both parents and children, promoting genuine connections and lasting emotional security.

Embrace the present moment’s beauty, and watch your children flourish and thrive under your loving care.

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